Manuel Manzaneque Suárez graduated as a ‘Viticulture and Enology technician' at the prestigious School ‘Agropolis Montpellier' in France.

        After working in several prestigious wineries in France and Spain, and after being the thecnical director in the family winery for 10 years, being the highest responsible in viticulture and enology, he began to work by his own in 2011, and he started being an advisor of wineries.

        In the wineries he works as an advisor, he is the responsible of the works in vineyards and in the winery. The vineyards is worked in an organic way, he has become several vineyards from traditional viticulture to organic, or, in some cases, almost organic, using not organic treatment just when they are necessary. He takes part directly in all the processes, pruning, green pruning, soil works, irrigation, treatments and grape harvest. In the winery, he manages all the vinification processes and he adapts them in each winery depending on its philosophy, its soils and its conditions. He controls the processes in each project so frequently that, in small wineries, it is not necessary a person in charge.

        In other bigger projects, he just works as an enologist, adapting himself to the needs.

        He always tries to apply an intuitive enology, to respect the raw material and its identity.

        He has a large experience in vineyards and winery, and a great business vision, so he tries to get the best, creating competitive wines in each wine range, but he especially wants to create pleasant and enjoyable wines.

        He is a great wine-taster and he has a large knowledge and experience in breeding wines in oak barrels.

        He does not work in too many projects so he makes an exhaustive control to each one. He works hard and he tries to do the best according to each vineyards and wineries needs.

        All the wineries he has worked in, have improved considerably their wines, tasting the different vintages, before and after Manuel's work, is the best test of his work.


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