Fatum 2013

By Manuel Manzaneque Suárez  vine-grower and wine-maker


Apellation of Origin: La Mancha

Vintage’s qualification: Very good.

Varieties: Tempranillo and Bobal

Vineyard age: from 20 to 35 years old, located in Pozoamargo (Cuenca).

The vineyard is worked in a traditional viticulture, almost ecologic and with low yield per plant, around 15 Hl/ha. The wine is elaborated with excellent raw material, using only the best and balanced grapes.

Types of soil: lime and clay soils, poor in nutrients and formed with pebbles, which afford good drainage.

Grape harvested in September, from 5th to 30th. Each area is harvested when each variety reach their optimum state of ripeness, vintage in a dry summer with leveled temperatures, and an especially rainy Spring.

Vinification: cold maceration for 4 days at 12ºC to extract the smells.

Fermentation at 25ºC in stainless steel deposit with autocthonous yeast, respecting the tipicity from raw material. Spontaneus malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Fatum is a funny wine, nice, fresh, delicate, easy to drink, a wine to enjoy, made from a really quality grapes and great respect for raw materials, keeping the tipicity of autocthonous varieties, tempranillo and bobal. A great wine with an unbeatable quality/price ratio..

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