ĦEa!  Cencibel from old vines. Denomination of Origin ‘La Mancha'

       ĦEa! Is the personal project of the prestigious wine-maker and vine-grower Manuel Manzaneque Suárez and his wife Paloma Mínguez, who is a lover of gastronomy, land and good wine.

       Manuel, after 10 years working as the technical director and as the enologist in his family's winery, has decided to live his dream and to create his own project ĦEa!

       This project is based on the elaboration of a great, hedonistic and funny wine, with high quality and an excellent price.

       To develop this project, he has chosen D.O. La Mancha because it is one of the regions with the best quality/price ratio in the world. He has looked for old vineyards, variety 100% Cencibel (Tempranillo), in different areas of this D.O., and he works with involved vine-growers.

       These old authoctonous cencibel vines and the excellent grapes they produce, are the responsibles of this special wine which is so pleasant

       The grape harvest is made by the end of september or the begining of october, it depends on the vintage and the weather. Each area is harvested when it reach its optimum state of ripeness.

        Elaboration: cold maceration for 4 days at 12ºC to extract the smells. Fermentation at 25ºC in stainless steel deposits with authoctonous yeast, respecting the tipicity from raw material.

       Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Breeding for 5 months in French and American oak barrels.

       ĦEa! Is hedonistic, pleasant, fresh and fun, a wine to enjoy, made with high quality grapes and with great respect for the raw materials., always seeking its own tipicity and character.

Albacete, Spain
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